Zendaya’s Mom is Mom Goals


We know it is often hard to remember that stars have parents just like we do, and even harder to remember that these parents often miss their kids. Famous actress and singer, Zendaya’s mom is no exception.

Zendaya’s mom, Claire Stoermer was missing her baby lately, so she sent her a text of a screenshot of an article that is titled “Study Shows the More Time You Spend With Your Mom, The Longer She’ll Live.”

She also sent her a lot of “tongues out” emojis. Zendaya responded to this text by writing “Wow mom…” with some laughing emojis.

Zendayas Mom is Mom Goals

Zendaya obviously tweeted this hilarious conversation and captioned it “Why is my mother like this??” People instantly responded to this awesome tweet.

She started getting responses that said things such as “This is something my mother would send to me omg” and “This is my mom I swear.” Along with the people who found this post totally relatable, others thought it was simply adorable responding things such as “She’s so precious and funny.”

We bet you couldn’t make it through this post without texting your moms… we sure didn’t!