Your Toddler is Refusing to Eat? Here is What You Can Do

Every parent is worried sick when their toddler suddenly starts refusing to eat. But you should know that this isn’t all that uncommon. At times, toddlers will develop a dislike for certain types of food, get a variety of food they don’t know, or just be too bored to sit through an entire meal. Instead of panicking, here is what you can do when your toddler is refusing to eat.

Make a Meal Schedule and Stick to It

Toddlers like to explore new things, but they also like routine and familiarity. You should make a meal schedule and stick to it. This way, they will develop a habit of being still at certain times of the day and know they can’t avoid it by just refusing to eat.

Avoid Snacks

This might be a tough approach for parents, but it is one that is definitely necessary. If your toddler is refusing to eat their meals, avoid giving them snacks throughout the day. Instead, make the regular meals more frequent but in smaller portions. At some point, they will get hungrier and less picky.  

Encourage Food Play

Eating meals will become easier for your toddler if it is turned into a fun activity. Encourage them to play with food and even get messy if that gets them to eat. Also, try to be more creative with the way you serve food to make it more appealing for them.