Your Teen Wants to Get a Tattoo? Here is How to Respond

Hearing their teenager wants a tattoo is a nightmare for many parents. But regardless of whether you approve of the idea or not, you should take a measured approach in responding to their wishes. The following tips should help.

Have an Honest Talk With Your Teenager

Tell your teenager how you feel about their decision in a calm manner. Try to learn their motivations for getting a tattoo and see if it’s just something temporary or if they are really committed to the idea.

Get Them Familiar With the Risks and Consequences

Try to explain to your teenager that getting a tattoo comes with health risks, including allergic reactions and skin infections. Also, make sure they realize that tattoos are permanent and would require a painful and long procedure to remove them.

Tell Them to Wait Before Making the Final Decision

Don’t let yourself be swayed by your teenager if you don’t approve of their decision to get a tattoo. Instead, tell them to wait until they turn 18, after which they can do it without your approval before making the final decision. By that time, they might change their mind.

Provide them Support

If you are fine with the idea of your teen getting a tattoo, make sure to provide them with proper support. Find a reputable tattoo studio, make sure they don’t get a design that’s inappropriate, and help them take care of the tattoo until it heals.