Your Kids Are Doing You a Favor By Waking You Up Early

A common complaint you often hear parents lamenting about is how they get no sleep. This is highlighted by the fact that children tend to be incredibly early risers, often getting up as early as 5 AM—and making sure their parents are there to witness it. If this sounds like your life, we’re here to maintain that your children may actually be doing you a favor—and here’s why.

You’re More Productive In The Morning

We don’t love to generalize, and that applies here as well. Sure, there are those who swear by the idea that they’ll always be more productive at night. But logically we’re more tired in the nighttime after a long day, while the morning, by contrast, is a beacon of freshness, and full of possibilities. Many don’t realize how much more they could get done in the morning, simply because it’s not part of their routine.

Our Kids Are Like Personal Trainers

This leads us to our next point, which is that our children are basically like our built-in personal trainers. How many people say that they’d love to ideally get up earlier, but never actually do it? This is because getting up early is… well, it’s insanely hard. But when have no choice, you start to get used to it, and it becomes second nature, and then waking up early is actually pretty darn easy. You have your kids to thank for that, and you can be sure to tell them “you’re welcome” for all that extra work you’re getting done as a result.