Your Baby’s Incredible Ability to Teach Themselves

There may come a time in your life as a parent where your child will do something that shocks you to your core—leading you to wonder the following question: “Where did they learn that?” Parenting is filled with these kinds of moments, and it may even lead you down a rabbit hole of wondering whether or not you inadvertently taught them a skill without realizing it. We’d pump the brakes on tooting your own horn, because babies have this incredible ability to teach themselves things.

Always Learning

What you have to realize is that when it comes to learning new information, babies reign supreme. So new to the world, they retain information better than anything you’ve ever seen, meaning that they’re picking up on subtleties that you can’t even dream of right now.

Always Creating

In addition to all of that, they’re always creating as well. As they explore the world around them, they’re always trying to make sense of things, and even come up with their own ideas. Yes, that’s right, babies have the ability to “invent things” on their own, which is why you may notice them doing things that you didn’t necessarily teach them. So don’t worry too much about where they learned something and just enjoy observing the growth of your child!