You Can Pay Someone to Teach Your Child To Sleep

Sleeping is honestly one of life’s greatest pleasures. Often times, the concept of sleep is one that many adults feel is just a far fetched an unattainable luxury. Many adults sacrifice their much-needed sleep time for relationships, social activities, or work responsibilities.

A lot of the time people can supplement a little bit of their sleep with coffee or an energy drink. Some people though have a much tougher time getting the sleep they need, especially when they are parents to young children. When people decide to have children, they typically understand that they are going to have to sacrifice their own schedules for the needs of their kids.

It is extremely difficult to get your children to fall asleep too, which can make the own sleeping habits of parents that much more stressful and irregular.

You Can Pay Someone to Teach Your Child To Sleep

In order to combat this, people have become what they call a “Sleep Trainer”. Kim Schaf is one of these Sleep Trainers and is a professional sleep coach. Sleep deprived parents often reach out to her to help their children learn how to fall and stay asleep. She is based in Chicago and along with communicating with clients via email, video chat, or phone call, she even doesn’t in-person training and has even spent the night in a client’s home in conjunction with helping the client’s child learn how to fall asleep.

The field of being these sleep consulting trainers is a growing industry, mostly in larger cities. For in home and overnight sessions, some people charge their clients between $300 to $2,000 per night. The hefty price tag definitely makes parents think about choosing a lack of their own sleep to help their kids fall asleep rather than spending this amount of money on outside services.