Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Being a Parent

One of the most common things that soon-to-be parents worry about is that they’re not going to be good enough. They worry that they don’t have their life together enough, and therefore how can they hope to be a good example for their children? If these kinds of worries seem familiar to you, we’re here to tell you to end your worrying right now. Here’s why you definitely don’t have to be anxious about being a parent.

What Really Matters

You may be worried that you don’t have enough money to support a child. You may be worried that you won’t know how to raise them. You may even delve into existential moral topics such as “Are you even good enough?” Heck, we’ve all been there.

While these are all valid things to concern yourself with, there’s really only one thing you should be worried about. You need to love your child with all of your heart. If you can do that, everything else with fall into place.

Love Them and the Rest Will Follow

If you love your kid with all of your might, then the rest will follow. Knowing whether or not you’re “good enough” won’t even matter, because you’ll be so grateful to have them in your life at all.

Ultimately, if you love your child—not just in a general sense, but also actively “love” them as a verb—they’ll have everything they’ll ever need. You’ll find a way to support them, and you’ll know what lessons to teach them when the time comes.