Why You Shouldn’t Tell Other Parents How to Parent

Parenting is one of those super-volatile subjects that brings out everyone’s strongest opinions about things. You may come to find that you feel very passionately about the way another parent is raising their child. You may feel compelled to tell them how they should be parenting instead. If this urge occurs, pump the brakes just for one second. It’s not always a good idea to tell other parents how to parent, and here’s why.

It’s None of Your Business

This may sound a bit harsh to hear, but in most cases, it’s none of your business how another parent takes care of their children. The rare occasions where it may be your business is when we’re talking about extreme scenarios, such as when you witness certain kinds of parental abuse. If that’s the case, it’s good to speak up for the well-being of the child. But in most other cases, it’s probably best if you keep your mouth shut because all parents have different methods and beliefs of how to raise their kids.

You Might Be Wrong

That leads us to our next point, which is that you might actually be wrong. As we just mentioned, it’s not really your business even if you’re right—but sometimes you’re actually the one who’s being ignorant in this scenario. You might not realize just how narrow-minded you’re coming across, and this will make this fellow parent want to be around you less and less.