Why You Should Teach Your Child An Instrument

If you’re a parent who’s also a musician, you may want to consider teaching your child how to play an instrument when they get older. Here are a few reasons it can be beneficial for your child to learn an instrument.

Emotional and Spiritual Release

It’s a bit of a cliche that musicians release their emotions when they play, but that’s because it’s true. Musicians, like all artists, have a unique ability to express themselves from the very depth of their soul. This can be therapeutic, and a great tool for your child as they navigate the various complexities of life.

Enhanced Intelligence

There’s also a common belief that learning an instrument enhances one’s intelligence. From the various scales you must learn to understand music theory, there are a lot of advanced concepts that go into it—and this will allow your child to expand their mind in a positive way.

Work Ethic

Finally, another thing that learning an instrument provides is something to shoot for. You’re able to clearly measure your progress as you get better, which forces you to set clear goals and training schedules. This can be great for your child’s work ethic, as they are rewarded when living up to those goals.