Why You Should Read to Your Child Every Night

Being a parent doesn’t exactly come with a rule book. You don’t always know exactly what the right thing to do is, and sometimes you’re really just winging it! But, in many ways, you also know exactly what you’re doing, because being a parent can be as natural as breathing. This brings us to one of the most common things you want to do as a parent, which is read to your child every night. Here’s why you should always do it.

Natural Connection

As we touched on above, parenting should sometimes feel like something natural. And when it comes to reading stories to our children, it can be a very organic experience that creates a wonderful bond between a parent and a child. This is especially true in this day and age of digital dominance, where the simple act of reading a book becomes even more precious.

Learning Experience

Beyond the emotional and special aspect of it all, reading to your child is also a great way to help them learn. The more you read to them—and especially when you show them what’s going on in the book—the more they’ll pick up on nuances of language and the very concept of storytelling in general.