Why You Should Read Books to Your Baby

One of the most common things that a parent does for their child is read them stories. However, this is normally the case for kids who are old enough to somewhat understand what’s being read to them. In that sense, is there really a point in reading stories to babies, since they don’t understand what’s going on in the story? We believe that there is, and here’s why.

It’s An Experience

Reading stories isn’t just about telling the story itself. Sure, there are certain children’s books that are simply classic because of the content within them, but there’s so much more to it than just that. It’s an overall experience that goes deeper than just words, and babies can benefit from it as well.

The Sound of Your Voice

This is very much highlighted by the performance that a parent delivers as a storyteller. A baby may not understand the words, but they certainly are impacted significantly by the sound of their parent’s voice, delivering a poignant storytelling experience.

The Colors and Pictures

Then, of course, there’s the visual aspect of it all. Babies certainly take in all of the pictures, and the colors resonate with them too. For these reasons, reading books to your baby is an incredible experience for them, and it’s certainly something you should do.