Why You Should Prioritize Sledding on a Snow Day

Many areas throughout winter are affected by extreme weather. It may just be some frost or ice, but sometimes we wake up to that magical white glow of a snow-covered street. When snow is super deep this often leads to school being canceled and kids get to rejoice in the special experience of a “snow day”. While many activities can be enjoyed on these days, sledding should be top of your list.

The Most Joyful Feeling

For anyone who’s experienced sledding down a hill, you’ll know how exhilarating it is. If you haven’t yet then this is even more reason to make sure you and your kids get the chance now. It’s like being on a huge slide with a soft yet cold landing. 

Fun for All Ages

If you’re thinking that sledding is for kids then think again. It’s so much fun regardless of your age, and your kids will love sharing this fun experience with you. 

Great Way to Exercise

When the world is covered in thick snow it can be hard to think of how to get some decent activity into your day. Sledding is surprisingly good exercise. You’ll notice how much you use your core to stay on the board, and of course, running back up to the top of the hill to go again is a great form of activity.