Why You Should Learn a Musical Instrument at the Same Time as Your Kid

Many parents arrange music lessons for their kids because they are keen for their child to benefit from the advantages that playing an instrument can bring. Studies have shown that people who play instruments are more creative, content, and sociable than those who don’t. But why let your kid have all the fun? If you’re paying a professional tutor to come to your house, make the most of it and learn alongside your kid. If you still need convincing, here are three reasons to try it.

Learn Together

By learning together, you and your child can practice and talk about the instrument you are learning. You can help them by looking up information, advice, and extra tutorials online, and you can work out a new piece together, collaboratively. Not only will this help you both learn faster, but as you discuss and explain different bits of theory it will help this learning embed and stick for the both of you.

Play Together

As you and your kid improve, you can play and jam together. This is one of the true joys of playing an instrument when you start to experiment and have fun with some different tunes. With two of you, one can play the melody whilst the other focuses on rhythm, and you can compare different playing techniques. Having a family singalong is also a fun, wholesome way to spend a Friday evening or rainy weekend day.

Perform Together

Whether it’s to the rest of the family, kids at your child’s school, or at the local fete, performing can really boost your confidence and help you to enjoy your instrument. If your kid is nervous about performing, they will feel better knowing you’re there with them, and by performing fairly regularly they will quickly develop their confidence and skill in playing.