Why You Should Have a Scrapbook for Your New Born 

Having a newborn baby is an incredible experience. You’ll of course have so much to think about and a never-ending to-do list, but it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate this special time in your lives whenever possible. While there are plenty of different ways to do this, one of the best choices is to start a scrapbook dedicated to your little one. Here are some reasons why. 

A Personalized Memory Book

While you can of course take photos and put them in an album, choosing to create your own scrapbook is much more interesting and personal. You can add things other than just pictures, such as tickets from days out or scraps of material. This book will be a lovely storytelling of your child’s life and remind you of all those experiences.

A Fun Project for Everyone to Get Involved With

There’s no doubt that once you explain to other family members or friends that you’re creating this scrapbook they’d love to get involved. People can add their own touches to create a beautiful collaborative end result. 

The Perfect Way to Teach Your Child About Their Early Life

It’s always a special experience telling your child stories and facts about their early life once they’re old enough to understand. Kids find it fascinating to think of themselves as a baby and it’s a lovely bonding experience to share those tales with them. Having the scrapbook with photos and other memories will help make this even more exciting for both of you.