Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Love Animals

There are some people who are “animal people”, and some who are completely the opposite. There’s nothing wrong with having preferences, and those who are opposed to animals certainly have their reasons. But when raising a child, you have the option to encourage certain behaviors, and here’s why we believe encouraging them to love animals can be beneficial.

Loving Living Things

The first reason we believe it’s important to teach your kids to love animals is because it promotes loving all living things in general. A child who loves animals is probably more likely to love plants, the rain, and the environment in general. More love and less fear is always a good thing!


Another benefit to loving animals is that it teaches leadership. Animals are often in need of guidance, such as a dog that needs to be walked or taught to sit. This can teach a child lessons for how to lead in a positive and healthy way while treating the animals with respect at all times.


Finally, teaching your child to love animals will open them up to accepting things that are different. Animals are a different species, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love and accept them. This belief will remain when your child goes out into the world and encounters other things that are different, such as people or cultures.