Why You Should Buy Your Kid Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes are ones which are very unrestrictive to feet. They have thinner, more flexible soles, a zero-drop heel, and a wider toe box. This means that feet can do what they need to do without being forced into rigid, pointed shoes. For the most benefit, these should be introduced while young, so here’s why you should buy some for your children.

They Let Feet Walk Naturally

Proper barefoot shoes aim to replicate walking barefoot but with the protection of having a sole and some cover for your feet. This is so much better for your feet than having restricted shoes that force them into a different shape which inevitably affects walking ability. Let your kid’s feet do what they need to do by giving them shoes that encourage natural foot splay and walking gait. 

This is Especially Important for Young Feet

A lot of adults struggle with the transition to barefoot shoes because their feet are used to non-barefoot shoes. However, for kids, this isn’t an issue as their feet are still growing. If they start wearing barefoot shoes young, then they won’t need to transition and can reap all the benefits without the struggle.