Why You Should Buy Your Child a Pet

Do you remember how happy your childhood pet made you when you were growing up? All of the Christmas mornings with your dog excitingly following you as you anxiously descended the stairwell to open your gifts.

All of the times you were laying on the couch watching a movie with your cat snuggled up warmly on your lap. All of the times you stared into the fish tanks in your living room, trying to communicate with your pet fish through your eyes.

Why You Should Buy Your Child a Pet

Regardless of the type of pet that you grew up with, it is easy to recall many joyous memories associated with them. Why is it then that some parents are so reluctant to have pets nowadays?

Well, whether your decision to not own a family pet is due to an allergy that can be developed later in life or not wanting the hassle of cleaning up after an animal, odds are that if you have a child or two, they will have probably requested to receive a puppy, kitten, or even in some cases, a tarantula at some point.

Why You Should Buy Your Child a Pet

Before going through all of the pros and cons of deciding on whether or not to give into your child’s wishes, here are three reasons you should buy a pet:

1. Your child will get to experience the same happiness that you did when you were growing up with a pet. The pet that you choose will be a constant friend and comfort to your child whenever they are sad.

2. You can teach your child responsibility. If your child is begging you for a pet, let them know specific tasks that they will be required to do. For instance, let your child know that they will be the one to walk the dog, feed the fish, or clean the litter box.

3. You just should. Your kids will be so happy and you never know, you may even develop a special bond with the pet that you buy.