Why Teens Are “Pebbling” And It’s a Good Thing

As your teenagers continue to develop, communicating with them can prove challenging. After all, as they go through many difficulties, they may not feel that they want to open up to you about their emotions. Still, many teens have started “pebbling”, thereby giving their parents hope. Here’s what “pebbling” is and why it’s actually a very positive thing.

What is “Pebbling”

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica are renowned for presenting one another with rocks as a form of affection. For teens, pebbling refers to small signs of love that they give to parents and friends. This could include sending videos and GIFs to family and friends online or perhaps tagging parents and friends in endearing posts on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Why Pebbling is a Good Thing

Adolescent psychologist and mom, Cameron Caswell, PhD, explained that pebbling can create a positive feeling for the people on both the giving and receiving ends. “When you perform a kind act, your brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, motivation, and reinforcement,” she explained. This dopamine hit is enjoyed by the person on the receiving end too, who feels acknowledged and appreciated.

How to Engage in Pebbling

Getting involved in pebbling can be easy for parents if they know where to start. Simply send your kids a funny meme or clips from TikTok and YouTube to elicit a positive reaction. There are also ways of triggering emotional responses, such as sending a song reminding your teens of a precious moment in their lives.