Why Playing More Could Actually Help Your Teens

Generally, when people think of playing, small children and toddlers come to mind. Still, what many may not realize is that playing can also be beneficial to teens, even though they may have appeared to outgrow it. Here is why playing more could actually help your teens as they navigate their way through life.

Why Play is Beneficial

Dr Ken Ginsburg, founding director at the Center for Parent and Teen Communication, explained that play is necessary to enhance your teen’s creativity and indeed intelligence. “It’s a time where people can figure out who they are and where the opportunity to stretch in different directions really builds intelligence,” Ginsburg explained.

How Play Changes

Naturally, you won’t expect teens to play with dolls or playhouses as is the case with small children. Instead, play will take other forms. This could include selecting costumes to go to fancy dress parties, role-playing board games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and perhaps multiplayer video games. Whatever their preferred games may be, it will no doubt enhance their creativity.

Encouraging Playtime

Naturally, many teens would feel embarrassed about the idea of “playing”. As a result, you may need to take the initiative and encourage them to play. One effective way to do so without pressurizing them is by taking the initiative to be playful yourself. When your kids see that you have no problem with being playful, they may feel more encouraged to follow.