Why Nativity Plays Matter

School plays (often referred to as nativity plays) that happen around the Christmas season are really significant. They have made their way into famous films such as Love Actually and for many children, they mark the start of the most exciting time of the year. Here are three reasons why the school play is an essential part of the school year (even if it does feel like a big ask to create angel wings for a costume from scratch).

Confidence Boost

Even if your child is only on stage for five minutes, standing up in front of all those people is a huge thing for a young child. Although they may freeze and look like a startled deer in headlights, the fact that they’ve had a go is what really matters. If your child is really resisting the idea of taking part, talk to their teacher to see if any adjustments can be made to help them feel more confident.


The reason so many adults remember their school nativity is because traditions like these can help provide a sense of school community and belonging. Again, it doesn’t matter which role your child has—if they’re taking part with everyone else, they’re going to feel like a member of a big team.


If the school permits photography, make sure you get some snaps of your child performing. This is a special moment that you will remember for a long time, so enjoy it and show support for your kid. If you want to bring extra family members to watch, but your kid is really nervous, consider telling them after the performance is done, as for some children this added pressure can be too much.