Why It’s Helpful to Have a Bathtime Routine 

There are lots of aspects of raising kids that can be a challenge. Often the activities throughout the week that will help them out and be beneficial for them are the ones they least enjoy doing. A classic example is bathing, where you know how important it is to keep them clean while they see it as a chore. A bathtime routine means having a system that is followed each time, in terms of what products are used, the order of tasks, and how they are carried out. Adopting this kind of routine can be very helpful and here are some reasons why. 

It Makes it a Lot Quicker and Easier

If everyone involved knows the exact drill when it comes to bathtime then it can make this whole process run much more smoothly. Your child will know what they need to do to get ready for it, and it can keep things nice and simple.

It Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Many kids don’t enjoy bathing for various reasons, and a big factor can be feelings of anxiety. If the experience starts to follow a pattern and becomes more familiar then this can help them overcome any concerns. 

It’s Beneficial for Independence

Once you have a good routine in place it will be much easier to gradually become less involved once your child is old enough. They will be able to take the lead with their bathing more if there is a practical system in place.