Why It’s a Great Idea to Get a Birdfeeder 

If you are lucky and live somewhere with a small amount of your own outdoor space then this is a great opportunity for many things. Aside from sunbathing and outdoor activities, a great use for this space is placing a birdfeeder. There are various options to choose from, and the food can be quite easily and cheaply sourced.

Your Kids Will Love it

Whether they have experience spotting garden birds or not, most children find it super exciting and rewarding to watch little birds flitting around a feeder. It’s a lovely way for them to connect with nature and they will no doubt learn lots of new bird names as well as fun facts about their habits and activities.

It’s Great for Wildlife

This is especially true in winter when their natural food sources are harder to find, but is true all year round too. Garden birds are special animals and it’s great to give them a helping hand to ensure they stick around.

May Stop Kids Wanting a Pet 

If your kids are always asking for a pet but it simply isn’t an option, then having these regular visitors to the garden may make them less desperate for a small animal of their own.