Why It’s a Good Idea to Stagger Christmas Presents

There are endless exciting things about Christmas Day. The food, the films, the family gatherings, and of course the presents. Every family does things differently, but if your household’s ritual is to grab all the gifts first thing in the morning, then here’s why you should consider staggering the present opening through the day.

Keep the Fun Going All Day

While it may be tempting to tear open the gifts all at once, having a few at a time every few hours means the joy is spread out and there will be exciting presents to open throughout the whole day.

Actually Appreciate Each Gift

Often when presents are all opened at the same time, it can be overwhelming. Inevitably some get pushed aside while others are focussed on more. If only a few are opened at once then the receiver can fully acknowledge and appreciate each one. 

Less Chaos to Clear Up

Dealing with the piles of gift rapping is something we often don’t think about when preparing for Christmas. It’s obviously not a huge deal, but having the gift opening at intervals gives you all a better chance to stay on top of the mess to ensure a cozy atmosphere all day.