Why is Your Baby Crying?

Perhaps the most fundamental introduction into the world of being a parent is hearing your baby cry. The act of crying makes up a pretty big portion of what they do in the early stages of their lives, so it better be something you figure out how to handle. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know what our baby wants when they cry. It’s pretty much their only way of communicating, so here are some reasons that they might be crying.

They’re Hungry

One of the classic catalysts for a crying baby is when a baby is hungry. If they seem “hangry”, try and see if they’re in the mood to breastfeed, and you may find that their crying will soon subside.

They’re Tired

Another thing that could be contributing to their crying is the fact that they’re super tired. This can be a hard one because it’s not always easy to get them to sleep. However, if you relax and be patient, eventually you’ll succeed in putting them to sleep and ending their crying spell.

They’re Cold

When it comes to newborn babies, the rule of thumb is that however many layers you need, give them one more. This is because newborns are used to being inside of a warm womb, and therefore this new “climate” is a lot colder to them. This can cause them to cry, so make sure they’re nice and warm.

They Need to Be Burped

Finally, another classic reason that your baby might be crying is that they need to be burped. If this is something you’re unfamiliar with, don’t worry because you’ll learn how to burp them eventually.