The One Thing Every Parent Should Always Carry Around With Them

Dig around your backpack, purse, or briefcase until you can feel the bottom… Well, for many people, before you actually hit the bottom of your bag, your hands will graze a plethora of books, makeup, papers, wrappers, pens, and a ton of other very random objects that sometimes, let’s be honest, you forgot that you have had.

Some of these forgotten items can actually be very useful and come in handy.

 For example, it’s a great day when you are scrummaging through your purse for a pen and accidentally find the little box of mints that you had forgotten about.  

Or maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and tend to just find dirty old tissues or wrappers in your bag.  Well, one thing that should always be carried around with you and not forgotten is a little tiny bottle of hand sanitizer.

We are currently in the fall season.  This is when you being to hear sniffles, coughs, and sneezed more often than not.  For some reason, whether it is the flu or just the common cold, these illnesses seem to thrive in the warm to cold transition time.  

So, one of the best ways to prevent yourself from actually succumbing to this sickness is to carry one of those mini portable hand sanitizer bottles.

These bottles come in a variety of brands and you can buy them at almost any grocery store, superstore, or pharmacy shop, among others.  They usually only cost about $1 and are extremely little and convenient to just plop in your bag.

Ever met someone whose hand you shook when you first met and then you see them coughing and sneezing into their hands for the rest of the time you’re with them? Ever need to open a door handle on campus where students who are sick still attend class because they can’t afford to miss it? Ever accidentally touch a piece of gum under a chair or table?  Ever been to a crowded bar, used the restroom, gone to wash your hands, and realized there was no more soap left?  

Well, in every single one of these cases and many others, hand sanitizer could have been your saving grace.  So, why not invest in a cute little hand sanitizer bottle to just throw in your backpack or purse and leave it there for whenever duty calls?