Why Babies Like to Throw Stuff Out of Their Crib

As parents, we often find ourselves observing our children doing just hilarious things. One of the funniest things you may encounter is your baby getting into the habit of throwing stuff outside of their crib. As funny as it is, you might be wondering why exactly they’re doing it, and what it means. Here are some possible reasons that your baby might be doing it.

Learning About Gravity

This actually isn’t a joke at all. Your baby is learning more and more about the world every single day, and part of that is discovering basic physical scientific facts such as the existence of gravity. This is more or less the first time they’re getting to experiment with the concept of dropping things and watching them fall, and that could be the reason they’re doing it.

Exercising Independence

Another reason your baby might be throwing stuff out of their crib is because they’re simply exercising their independence. They’re learning that they have free will and that they can choose to pretty much do whatever they want within the confines of their boundaries. So for them, throwing stuffed animals and toys outside of their crib is a way of expressing themselves in a way they can!