Where Should Santa Leave Your Kids’ Stockings?

As Christmas inevitably looms closer each day, there will be so many things to think about and prepare for. If your kids are lucky enough to receive a stocking from Santa, then another choice to make is where to leave this, ready for the morning excitement. Here are some possible options.

At the Foot of Their Bed

This is a classic idea and can be really sweet. They will wake up to sense the weight of it near their feet. But this is hard to pull off, and a kid waking up to see a parent dropping off Santa’s gifts may ruin the magic. 

Outside Their Bedroom Door

This is easier to pull off than on their bed, but won’t have the same instant effect when they wake up. However, this one has the benefit of being more social. They can come out of their rooms and share the exciting experience with siblings or whoever else is around. 

Hanging on the Mantlepiece

This is another classic idea, and is also easy to make it work. This one will have the kids running down the stairs in the morning to see whether Santa’s been there, which is also an exciting way to start the day.