When Is Your Child Old Enough to Try Coffee?

In our society, just about everyone drinks coffee. As you get older and become part of the working force, it becomes somewhat inevitable, unless you’ve gone out of your way to swear it off. This is because the caffeine within coffee makes it a drug, and this brings us back to it time and time again. This begs the question of how strict your boundaries should be when it comes to allowing your child to drink it. Spoiler alert: we believe the boundaries should be pretty strict.

The Teenager Trial

We believe that the first you can introduce you child to coffee should be when they’re a teenager. Even so, make sure they’re only allowed a sip. This may seem a bit extreme, but remember that coffee is still a drug, and you don’t want your teen getting too hopped up on it as they’re still growing.

The Young Adult

As they enter young adulthood, they’re pretty much free to do as they please—but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer them words of caution. Explain to them that even though coffee is a mainstream drink, it’s still something that’s easily addictive and that they need to be very careful about it moving forward.