When Is It Okay For Babies To Start Drinking Water?

When you have a baby, it’s not enough to just tell yourself that you’ll love them and take care of them. You also have to do plenty of research regarding how to feed to them and what to give them at specific times in their lives. It’s crazy to think that babies have such specific rules, but it also makes a lot of sense, because they’re still at early stages in their development. For instance, you’re not supposed to give your baby water right away. But why is that, and when are you allowed to start?

Six Months In

Doctors recommend that six months is the general time for when you can start thinking about introducing your baby to water. In the first six months of their lives, they’re pretty much getting breastfed everything, and they receive all of the specific nutrients from their mother’s milk that they’d get with water.

Around the six-month point, they can start eating solids, which means you can also start slipping some water in there as well. It seems kind of funny that water isn’t a go-to drink for them early on, especially when you consider how important it is for us adults to frequently drink it. But again, babies get pretty much everything they need from breast milk, and there’s no need for them to consume water as well during that time.