When is it Normal for Your Baby to Oversleep?

When it comes to raising babies, we find ourselves extra-attentive to everything that goes on in their lives—including their sleep patterns. For instance, if your baby sleeps for a lot longer than they normally do, you might wonder if everything is okay with them. However, there are occasions in which their oversleeping shouldn’t make you worry—and here’s what those occasions are.

If They’re Sick

Unfortunately, babies do get sick, and with that territory comes a host of other side effects—such as evolving sleep patterns. If your baby isn’t feeling well, you might notice that they sleep for long hours to allow their body to heal, or because they’re exhausted.

If They’re Jet-Lagged

Jet lag is one of those things that you can pretty much assume will throw off your baby’s sleep schedule. If you find your baby sleeping at odd hours or for long (or short) hours, they’re simply jet-lagged and there’s nothing you need to worry about.

If They Stayed Up Late

Occasionally you may have your baby somewhere that requires them to stay up late. Obviously, this isn’t something you should do often, but when you do, get ready for their sleep pattern to change a tad. If they oversleep in this scenario, don’t sweat it!