When Do Infants Start To Sleep Through The Night?

One of the hardest parts of being a new parent is the sleep factor. Ah yes, sleep, the thing you didn’t know how much you loved until it was virtually gone. This is more or less true for you if you’re a first-time parent, because you’ll be up so much at night, you’ll think you’re dreaming half the time. We won’t sugarcoat it—that part can be pretty tough. But the good news is, it does eventually get easier when your baby starts sleeping through the night. So, when does that start happening?

Three to Four Months

We won’t pretend like every baby is the same, because that’s far from the truth. Some outlier babies find their stride pretty darn early, sleeping through the night at around one or two months. On the end of the spectrum, there are some babies that take their sweet time, and only figure out how to get a long sleep by the time they’re a half a year old, or even older.

However, most babies generally fall under the three-to-four-month category. If you’re wondering when your nights will start to relax a bit, that’s the time you can realistically set your sights on. This is the kind of thing that you’re learning about on the job, so don’t expect everything to go as planned. Try your best to enjoy every moment of this experience, because believe it or not, years from now, you’ll be feeling nostalgic about the early days of taking care of your beloved son or daughter.