What to do When Your Baby Bumps Their Head

You’re carrying your baby around the house when, suddenly, you hear a thump. Naturally, as a concerned parent, you feel the urge to panic. Here is what you should do when your baby bumps their head.


Whether they rolled off the sofa or bumped into the wall while crawling, your baby may make a fuss after hitting their head. Crying is a normal reaction, as is a few minutes of silence or withdrawal as they take in what happened. If your baby develops a bump, bruise, or even starts bleeding, don’t panic, as minor cuts can produce a surprising amount of blood for a baby. Still, if your baby has excessive bleeding or fell from a great height, you may want to take further action.

First Aid

As soon as your baby hits their head, apply gentle pressure to any area where there is bleeding. If there is a cut, wash it and disinfect it with an antibacterial ointment. Then, apply an ice pack to ease any swelling and numb the pain. But what should you do if the injury seems more serious?

Taking Further Action

Once you feel that your child may need extra attention, take them to a health professional for an evaluation. In addition to providing medical assistance at the clinic, the doctor may recommend steps to take at home to help your child.