What to Do When Siblings Fall Out

Sibling arguments are part and parcel of family life, but every now and then a row erupts into something more serious. If your kids have got to the stage where they are no longer talking, it’s time to stage a parental intervention. Here are three ways in which you can help your kids’ relationship get back on track.

Hold a Family Talk

Get all family members together and establish some ground rules before you start talking. This may involve having some sort of object that indicates that the person holding it is talking, time limits for people to speak, and an agreement that everyone will listen to each other. Then, start sharing your grievances. As your children share why they are annoyed with each other, you can act as a mediator and encourage them to make friends again.

Spend Some One-On-One Time

If a group talk doesn’t work, then it may be worth trying to check in with each child on a one-on-one basis. This can be an opportunity for each child to share their hurts, and for you to reassure them and offer some perspective. If you have some time with one sibling, make sure you do the same for the other, or this will increase feelings of unfairness.

Give Them a Joint Task

If your kids are still refusing to budge, ask them to do a task together like sorting out the laundry or doing the family’s washing up. Sometimes, having a task to focus on can help people to relax and it makes the conversation flow more easily. Your kids may also bond over being forced to do a chore together, so this can help to smooth things over and bring them together again.