What to Do if Your Teenager Has Stopped Talking to You

The teenage years can be a tricky time to go through, not only for the teen themselves, but also for their family around them. Even the sweetest child can transform into a moody, argumentative teen, and although most of us grow out of this stage, it’s not an easy couple of years. If your teen has stopped talking to you recently—whether this means full-on blanking you, or just not engaging in conversations fully—check out these tips which can help get your relationship back on track.

Don’t Force Them

Part of what your teenager is doing is testing out their independence and autonomy, so by trying to force them to speak with you, you are going to encourage them to retreat within themselves even more. Don’t use force, cajoling, or bribery when trying to get your teen talking again.

Keep Opportunities Open

Make sure that you’re not shutting down opportunities for them to talk to you. Let them know that you’re always available to talk, and spend some time in the house without listening to music or watching anything, so your child feels they can approach you and start a conversation. You could even start a system of leaving notes for each other (just letting your teen know that you’re running to the shops), so that there is a channel open for communication if your teen wishes to use it.

Spend Time Together Outside the Home

Sometimes, your teenager will associate the family home with arguments and disagreements. Even if you’re just going to the store together, make sure you spend some time with them outside of the home. Many people find it easier to open up if they’re walking or driving in the car, as opposed to staring at each other across a table, so being in a different environment may make it easier for your teen to talk to you.