What to Do If Your Parents Are Spoiling Your Kids

Most grandparents love indulging their grandkids, and often parents are happy to sit back and watch their kids and parents bond. However, some grandparents can have a tendency to ignore parental wishes when it comes to snacks, candies, and sweets, providing a few too many for their grandkids to enjoy. If you’ve found yourself asking your parents (or in-laws) to cut down on the sweets they’re giving your kids, try these tips which can help shift this behavior without denting the bond your kids have with their grandparents.

Invite Your Parents Round for a Meal

Once you’ve had a conversation with your parents about how you and your partner are prioritizing healthy eating (or just less junk food) for your kids, invite your parents around for a meal at yours. This will demonstrate that it is possible for kids to enjoy eating healthy, nutritious food without having to be bribed by candies or treats to do so. If you’re having dessert, gently point out that a healthier option—perhaps fruit and yogurt, or nuts and dried fruit—can be just as popular with your kids, and better for them.

Set A “Treat Day”

Depending on how regularly your kids see their grandparents, it might be a good idea to set a ‘treat day’, where your parents can buy some candies and snacks for your kids as a special treat. This can work well on a Friday or over the weekend to celebrate the end of the week, or if your parents offer childcare some nights during the week, choose one of these. This will allow your parents to feel like they’re indulging your kids, whilst allowing you to monitor exactly how much they’re having.

Create Some Healthier Bakes

Often, grandparents love spoiling their grandkids with delicious home bakes which are hard to resist. Find some recipes for healthier, low-sugar bakes and send these on to your parents, explaining that you’re happy for your kids to eat some of their baking but you do want it to be healthier. If your parents refuse, make some of these bakes yourself to demonstrate that they can be just as delicious even when they are lower in sugar and fats.

Managing how your parents treat your kids can be tricky, and many grandparents are tempted to overindulge their grandchildren. Try these tips to see if you can influence your parents to cut down on candies, snacks, and treats.