What To Do If Your Kids Idolize Celebrities

The concept of a celebrity is quite an interesting one to unpack. We have individuals that have been raised on a silver magical pedestal for the entire world to see, who are accepted to be beloved by the population at large. Sure, there are celebs who people love to hate, and their lives certainly aren’t perfect behind the scenes—but for the most part they’re adored by the people. Children, as vulnerable as they are, are extremely susceptible to these ideas, and are thus hugely influenced by stars. They might even idolize some of them, even to an obsessive degree that’s unhealthy. Here’s what to do in this particular scenario.

Communication Is Key

If you believe that your child is worshipping a star to an obsessive extent, the worst thing you can do is ban them from following them. All that’s going to do is push them further away from you, and closer towards the object of their affection (which is, in this case, the celebrity). Instead, what you need to be doing is communicating honestly with them.

Listen to what your kid has to say. Hear them out. Then, when your child is ready to listen, explain to them honestly what your worries are in a way that they’ll understand. You may be surprised to find that your son or daughter will understand what you’re trying to say. At the very least, they’ll appreciate that you care about them enough to talk to them about it calmly.

Most of the time, this is just a phase they’re going through, so just allow it to happen. You’re their parent, so discipline is your domain—but as a parent, you must balance discipline with compassion.