What to Do if Your Kid Doesn’t Like Their Nanny

In an ideal situation, your kid and their nanny will instantly click, and it will mark the beginning of a great relationship. But you should also be ready for a different outcome. Here is what you should do if you notice that your kid doesn’t like their nanny.

Have a Talk With Your Kid

Try to understand the reasons why your kid doesn’t like their nanny. Sometimes, it can be something harmless like nannies following your instructions and not allowing them to have too many snacks or play video games for too long. Other times, there might be a different problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Try to Work Out a Solution With the Nanny

Tell the nanny about how your kid feels about them and see if you can work out a solution. Perhaps they are too strict or not engaging enough. See if they are willing to change their approach in order to try and fix the relationship.

Hire a Different Nanny

The best solution in most cases is to hire a different nanny. Even if you like how your nanny is doing their job, the happiness of your child needs to come first. It might take some time to find a nanny they like, but once you manage to do that, it will be worth it.