What to Do if Your Baby Swallows Something Unknown

It can be downright terrifying as a parent when your child puts something in their mouth that seems dangerous. Sometimes, you’re not even sure what it is, and yet you’re naturally worried. Here’s what to do in this particularly nerve-wracking situation.

Stay Calm

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best thing you can do for everyone involved is stay calm. Once you have a level head, you can assess the situation and try to figure out whether or not it’s dangerous.

Act Quick

If you think your baby swallowed something dangerous, don’t delay one second. First, see if it actually went down their throat. If not, you might be able to save the situation before it gets worse. Remove it from their mouth swiftly and confidently. If they swallowed whatever it is, call 911, especially if you notice that your baby might be choking or is having any kind of difficulty breathing.

Monitor and Observe Them

Sometimes your baby may swallow something and then seem fine right afterward. Even if this is the case, make sure to keep tabs on them. Keep a close eye to see if they’re showing any signs of discomfort. If so, contact your local healthcare provider.