What to Do if Your Baby Starts Biting

As a parent, you find that your baby will start doing things as a means to interact with the world around them. This is done as a way to explore, learn, and understand how things work. One example of this is the way babies use their mouths to feel things out, and this is especially before they grow teeth. However, what about when they start getting older? If they continue to bite, how should you handle it?

Finding the Sweet Spot

As we just mentioned, it’s completely normal for your baby to use their mouths to discover things, and “bite” items as they try to understand what they are. The complications come later down the line when they have teeth and are interacting with other children. The key is to find the sweet spot, which occurs right when your baby starts to grow teeth.

When your baby starts growing teeth, that’s when you can start to discourage them from biting things. Don’t scold them in a mean way, because remember that up until this point they’ve been doing it without repercussions. Gently tell them that it’s not okay, and that they should “make nice” instead. Remember to be patient with them and trust that their development will be just fine.