What To Do If Your Baby Rolls Over At Night

Babies grow up so darn fast, to the point where one day they can barely keep their head up and before you know it they’re rolling over in their sleep. Indeed, the latter is something that can help as early as four months old, and it’s important to know what to do in this scenario. You’ve been extra careful NOT putting your baby to sleep on their stomach, because of studies suggesting that it can be dangerous. So now that they’re rolling over, should you be nervous?

Can They Roll Back?

Congrats, your baby can roll frequently from their back to their front. The next thing you need to find it is, can they roll from their front to their back? This is crucial, because that’ll allow you as a parent to sleep soundly. This way, even if they roll onto their stomach at night, you can rest assured knowing that they’re just as capable of getting back to their back.

A Strong Baby

But even if they cannot roll in the opposite direction, you still shouldn’t need to be too worried about them (which, we understand, can be impossible as a parent). The fact that they’re strong enough to roll over shows that they’re strong enough to lift their head up if things, heaven forbid, take a rough turn at night. That said, you may want to keep a close eye on them for a few days just to make sure they’re sleeping properly which their airflow uncovered.