What to Do if You Children Don’t Like Fruit

Does the fruit in your kitchen seem to just sit there, untouched by your kids? It’s a common scenario in many households, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to make fruits exciting and delicious for children. Let’s dive into some fun ideas to encourage your kids to eat more fruit.

Creative Incorporation Into Meals

Changing how you present fruits might just be your secret weapon. Try blending fruits with yogurt or milk to create delicious smoothies—a perfect treat where the taste of fruit is well-balanced and mild. Adding sliced fruits like strawberries or kiwis to cereals or oatmeal can also entice children to eat them during breakfast.

Making Fruit Fun and Interactive

Children are more likely to eat something that they find entertaining. Organizing a fruit-picking trip can be an exciting activity that makes eating fruit more appealing. At home, you can turn snack time into a fun activity by creating shapes or animals using different fruits. Engaging your children in preparing these snacks can increase their interest in eating them. 


If your child didn’t like the first couple of fruits you offered, don’t get discouraged. Try introducing a wide variety of fruits to discover their preferences, which might include specific textures or flavors they favor.