What to Consider Before Your Teen Joins Social Media

Remember the first time you helped your teen learn to ride a bike? Strapping on the helmet and running alongside them until they found their balance? Well, helping them get started on social media isn’t all that different. It’s about setting the right safeguards, guiding them until they get the hang of it, and knowing when to let go. Let’s talk about how you can prep your teen for joining social media. 

Discussing Privacy and Safety

Privacy settings are a fundamental aspect of safeguarding your teen’s online presence. It’s important to discuss and set these settings together to control who can view their profiles and posts. 

Establishing Ground Rules

Setting clear expectations and rules regarding social media use is critical. These rules might include restricting the sharing of personal information, setting limits on social media usage, and keeping devices out of bedrooms at night to ensure adequate sleep. Clear guidelines help prevent potential issues and ensure that your teen uses social media responsibly.

Encouraging Critical Thinking

The prevalence of misinformation on social media makes it necessary to cultivate critical thinking in teens. Teaching them to assess the credibility of information sources, verify facts before sharing, and recognize biases helps them navigate social media more wisely and responsibly.