Weekend Activities For The Whole Family

When you’ve got a range of ages and interests to cater to, finding fun, fulfilling activities to do at the weekend can be tricky. The area you live in, and the variety of nearby facilities, will also impact this. However, there are some family activities that practically guarantee fun for all. Next time you’ve got a weekend to fill, check out this list of family days.

Water Fun

Whether you’ve got the sea, a lake, a pond, or a small river nearby, there is something calming and satisfying about water. Many coastal areas and lakes have boats, boards, and snorkeling gear you can hire, so older kids and adults can dive in beneath the waves. For younger children, sand and mud can occupy them for hours, so make sure you bring a bucket and spade (and something to clean up with afterward).

Movie Memories

It can be tricky to find a film to suit everyone’s tastes, but many kids’ movies cater to adults too, and slip in plenty of hilarious humor that will pass over the kids’ heads. Once you’ve decided on a film, bring plenty of snacks to keep everyone happy (unless you’re planning on buying them in the lobby). It can be nice to head to a restaurant or cafe after the film, so you can share your thoughts and enjoy a bite to eat.

Head Out For a Hike

Whether you’re off on a national trail, or simply heading for some laps around the park, walking is a great way for everyone to get some fresh air and exercise. If everyone’s nerves are a little frayed, spending time in nature can also be a great way to decompress and reset. Again, snacks will help keep everyone happy and make it feel like an event rather than just a march around the park.