Watch Out—Your Baby is Moving Faster Than You Think

Oftentimes as parents we find ourselves astonished by what our children are accomplishing before our very eyes. This is the case as they navigate all ages of their lives, including when they’re babies. However, when they’re babies is when these accomplishments require a little bit more supervision. Case in point: their ability to move. With this idea in check, here’s why you need to be super careful when your baby starts to learn how to creep and crawl.

Don’t Assume Anything

You might think that just because your baby hasn’t figured out how to crawl five feet, that means they won’t do it. But this is so far from the case. They’re growing so quickly and learning so much every day that any moment has the potential to wow you. For this reason, you need to make sure that you’re watching them at all times.

Keep Things Secure

This is why baby-proofing your home is so crucial. Make sure that there’s a secure fence surrounding your baby’s play area, and you should also ensure that there are no open staircases available to them. They’re learning how to crawl quicker than ever, so you can never really get too comfortable.