Watch 10-Month-Old Baby Say “Hi” to Every Passenger on a Plane

When most people see a baby on a plane, they immediately think of trouble. But in most cases, their fears turn out to be for nothing. Parents will rarely bring a baby on a plane without knowing they will behave well and cause as little distraction to other passengers as possible.

When TikToker Desiree Stearns brought her 10-month-old baby girl Julianne on a recent flight from Chicago, Illinois, to Orlando, Florida, she was quite sure her daughter won’t cause any trouble. But she didn’t expect that Julianne would instantly win over the hearts of everyone on board.

It turned out that Julianne was in an excellent mood and decided to share her joy with the rest of the passengers. As they walked past her seat, the baby greeted each one of them with an enthusiastic “hi.” And many of them needed it as the flight was delayed for three hours.

Stearns shared the clip of Julianne saying “hi” to the rest of the passengers on social media, and it quickly turned viral, getting close to five million views.

“She loves people & was such a trooper on our delayed 3-hour flight! Welcoming everyone on board,” Stearns wrote in the caption of the video.


She loves people & was such a trooper on our delayed 3 hour flight! Welcoming everyone on board #fyp #babiesoftiktok #babytok #flying #baby #memories

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Other TikTok users rushed to the comments section to show how amazed they were with Julianne’s manners.

“I would love to sit by her during a flight, and I normally dislike sitting next to children!!!” @suzieglenn6 wrote.

“Finally, some genuine kindness is left in the world. Take notes, people,” @mbrown056 added.