Victoria Beckham Reflects on the Scrutiny She Faced After Giving Birth By C-Section

Many parts of David and Victoria Beckham’s life together were subject to tabloid headlines, including the birth of their first child. Almost 25 years after giving birth for the first time, the former Spice Girls singer and fashion designer reflected on the scrutiny she faced for having a C-section.

According to the World Health Organisation’s data, one in five of all childbirths in 2021 was performed by Caesarean section, but there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding this birth method. Many women face stigma for not giving “natural birth” to their children, and things were even worse during the late ’90s when Victoria Beckham gave birth for the first time.

The former Spice Girls singer and her husband David Beckham welcomed their first child Brooklyn Beckham in 1999 and were shocked by some of the headlines surrounding his birth.

“In the end, they told me that I had to have a Caesarean section. And I remember the headlines. ‘Too Posh to Push.’ I wasn’t too posh to push, I was told it would not be safe for me to be put into labor,” recalled Victoria in her husband’s new docuseries Beckham.

The Beckhams didn’t let the media scrutiny stop them from expanding their family, and they welcomed three more children together: sons Romeo and Cruz and a daughter, Harper.