Upcycled Crafts: Turning Everyday Items Into Fun

Why not challenge your kids to make something new using things they find around the house? Upcycled crafts are your ticket to making cool, eco-friendly items and flexing those creative muscles. Here are a few ideas to help you and your kids get started. 

Bottle Cap Artwork

From creating a vibrant tabletop to a wall mural or a decorative tray, the possibilities are endless. Simply collect a variety of bottle caps, sort them by color, and glue them onto a base in a pattern or picture of your choice. 

Denim Planters

Transform old jeans into chic denim planters that give your green space a funky twist. Cut the legs off any old jeans, sew one end to close it, and use the open end to slip over a plant pot. You can add pockets, patches, or even belt loops for extra flair.

Tin Can Lanterns

Clean the cans and remove any labels, then fill them with water and freeze them. This makes it easier to punch holes into the can without denting it. Once frozen, use a hammer and nail to create designs by punching holes in the can. After the ice melts, paint the cans, place a candle inside, and watch the design come to life.