Unable to Find Childrens Books with Chinese Protagonist, Dad Creates His Own

There are not many books inspired by the Chinese culture in the US, especially for kids. Jerry Zhang realized about it when he wanted to buy a book for his kids. 

Not too long ago, the author and father realized there were very few books that featured Asian characters. For his daughter was very hard to identify with the characters of the story. So the caring father decided to write one.

He wrote Pepper Zhang: Artist Extraordinaire. He started a real series of books. He is now raising money for on Kickstarter. Meanwhile, two more Pepper Zhang books are in the works. What an amazing idea for his daughter and for kids with Chinese origins!

The idea took shape when Jerry’s daughter Madison said something very harsh: She didn’t want to be Chinese.

The 4-year-old wanted to read books with Female characters she could relate to. When Jerry tried to explain to her the importance of being in touch with the Chinese culture, Madison pushed the books aside and answered, “I don’t want to be Chinese.”