Try This if Your Baby Doesn’t Take Formula

Whether you choose to breastfeed, formula feed, or a combination of both, everyone knows that fed is best. However, there may come a time when your baby actually rejects the formula, if they’re expecting regular breastmilk. If your baby isn’t drinking formula, here are some things you can try to get them to drink it.

Change the Brand

Believe it or not, if you change the brand of formula, your baby might sing a different tune. Not all formulas are created equally, and some of them have funkier smells while others are more pleasant. You really don’t know which ones your baby will be grossed out by, and you may find that they’re totally fine with another variety. It definitely is worth buying another kind and giving it a shot.

Easing Them In

Another method you can try to get your baby to drink formula is to ease them in. Instead of giving them formula all at once, create a mixture that’s 10 percent formula and 90 percent breastmilk. This way, they’ll get introduced to something new while still getting the taste of something familiar. Eventually, you’ll alter the ratio until it’s mostly formula.