Top Educational Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Parents usually want toddlers to have fun when picking out an outdoor activity. But wouldn’t be great if they could also learn something new in the process? Well, they can if you choose some of the following top educational outdoor activities for toddlers.

Walks in the Park

Yes, it is that simple. You can take your toddler to the park for a walk and point out some interesting animals, plants, and objects while telling them more about them.

Alphabet Chalk Art on the Driveway

Take a few colorful chalks and take your kid to the driveway. Draw some letters of the alphabet and encourage them to copy you. You can also draw some animals that start with a particular letter to make it more exciting for them.

Color Hunt

Come up with a list of colors and give it to your toddler when taking them outdoors. Challenge them to spot the colors from the list and maybe even give them a task to draw a picture.


There is no reason why your toddler can’t help in the garden, just make sure to put away any sharp objects. This way, you can teach them about everything that goes into gardening as well as familiarize them with different plants, vegetables, and fruit. They can also plant a seed on their own and watch it grow.